Friday, January 30, 2009

So I Been thinking.....

I know its scary! Even gives me shivers. But I have been thinking:

  • Why do ALL of Keysha Cole's songs sound the same? I mean done to the all the music being played in the same key! Every song is a remake of the previous release.....something something....I remember when I loved you......something something.....I should've cheated...something something....sent from heaven....something never knew what I was missing but I knew when we started kissing.....something something....if he ain't gonna love you the way he should then let him go....
  • Why in the world does my jaw hurt? Seriously from back by my ear to chin it aches. I really need to get this checked out!
  • When did 20% off become a sale??? Circuit City is going out of business and people are flocking to buy items with 20% off! WTF??? We in a recession you gotta come better than that!
  • I saw something amazing today: A black women bought a welding school! Yes two of them! My jaw dropped (maybe that's why it hurts!) She used to be a motivational speaker for the company and when she heard they were looking to sell she went for it! Ain't that something? I was so blessed by her story! Do yo thang Ms. Debra!
  • When is ready ready? Seriously..when do you know you are ready? Does it depend on the situation? Does it depend on time? How do you decide? For instance, I say I'm not ready for a serious relationship (at least that's what I told "20") but do I really mean that? How do I know when I'm ready? I say I'm not ready to move out of the state, but I wanna go so bad. I am just being anxious for a dream or am I truly not ready?
  • I gave a test to my sophomores today (over some short stories we read in class and the appropriate terminology that goes along with the stories). Gave specific directions..."please take your notebook out and place it on your desk. Turn to the next blank page. Complete your test in your notebook. Do not tear it out when you finish. Keep it in your notebook and turn your entire notebook in when you complete your test. Again do not write on my test. Write your answers in your notebook and turn your entire notebook in when your finish." Notice how I repeated myself using different words but the same meaning. Just in case the first time was a bit difficult to understand. How many didn't follow directions you ask? 2 of the 12. Damn damn damn!!!!
  • Why is it so hard for me to keep my desk clean? I mean seriously! Monday I started off well. No "stacks of undetermined papers" on the side. All filed to my right in the correct folder and place. I actually had a clear space where I could grade papers. I dunno. I really dunno. Where did I go wrong??
  • I am proud of myself. I am able to help my step-mom and dad avoid foreclosure. They both recently lost jobs and now are in a tight spot (like many of us) and I had what they needed! That makes me feel so proud. To be able to give when it is most needed makes my heard glad! I am actually making a difference....*smile
  • So why didn't I get the memo that the color dark night is navy blue??? I thought it was black---not! When its really dark at night all you see is black! Not blue! I ordered a long sleeve from a store on-line to wear under my work polo and the damn thing is navy blue. I guess it doesn't look too bad under the royal blue polo??? At least I think it doesn't. But if it did look crazy I'm sure I girls (my friends I work with) would have put me on blast today at round table (lunch)!
  • Should I get my hair shorter? Last year I cut 8 inches off my locs. They were in the almost to my butt and I could not take the weight of it! Getting all that washed was a mess! So I cut it to my shoulders in an asymmetrical bob. I recently got it cut a bit shorter now I think I want it right to the bottom of my ears. So still a bob but shorter....ummmm something to think about...(shiver)
  • Today was the most amazing day! In the copy room making copies (lol) and on of the fellow teachers (not my co-worker--cause some of them round here don't "count" me so I don't "count" them) here spoke to me for the FIRST time! On real business! I pass each other every morning and I would say hello. And no response. Maybe he didn't hear me. Next day try it again a little louder. No response. Not even a nonverbal smile, head nod, wave, eye blink, nothing! Try again a bit louder--you guessed it! No response! Now to hell with you! But today ummmm 6 months later he spoke to me. I was stunned! Actually have a bit of conversation about reading! Yes! How kids love to learn how to read and then we get them in high school they HATE school! What happened? Where was the disconnect? That was our brief 45 sec conversation! Wow!
  • I have been teaching seven years....yes seven! I got the my master' didn't satisfy the itch...gotta get my ph.d...UNC at Greensboro here I come!!!

It only takes one to start a revolution....


  1. - Ha ha. I surprised that it took you so long to realize that Keysha is a one note wonder. All of her songs sounded the same. I could never understand why people compared her to MJB when she doesn't even have range. Guess it is a situation where they wanted MJB to pass the torch to.

    - I think the same thing when I see the Circut City commercials. 20%, come on.

    - Don't feel bad. I work in support of college educated adults that have years of experience, and write instructions out so that elementary age children can understand, and they still don't get it. You just have to understand that people don't read anymore. They skim.

    - There is a black woman in my office that's like that. Will speak to everyone but me. I have been in her face walking past her in the hall and she still won't say hello. I didn't do anything to this woman. I guess she thinks because I'm another black man, that I would try to talk to her. Even radom people in the halway at least acknowledge you, but she won't.

  2. Yeah Shawn I knew about Keyha but with her crazy family life and most watched reality show I wanted to give her the benefit of the her just a minute to try work it on out! (Thanks Pebbles!)LOL