Sunday, May 26, 2013

TV Makes It Look Easy

Wooooo I haven't done this in a while. Where have I been?

I don't know. Maybe I can explore that answer at some other time. Maybe.

In my efforts to avoid work on this 3 day weekend I found myself watching NBC's The Voice. Considering I don't have cable, my options are limited. During a commercial break I actually paid attention. I'm not sure what automtovie company it was, but they sampled Bob Marley's Three Little Birds (Don't Worry). As the chorus ran the couple driving the car literally did not worry about any obstacle that came their way. I mean not one.

Right there I thought, when am I going to live like that? No worries, no fear. Just live.

My heart pounds when a new situation arises and for about 30 minutes I'm stunned.

I don't believe I have reaching living. True living.

Does anyone ever reach living

We speak of its glory, marvel at its shine, and envy its portrayal of ease. Yet we watch from afar.

But maybe it is that easy. Maybe we have been so captivated from afar that we are missing its simplicity. Maybe the secret to its success lies within our reach. But where? Why is it is easy to allude?

Don't fool yourself and say you are living. Honesty goes far when one truly searches the mirror. That statement has only been reserved by a few, though it is attainable by all.

Maybe we just don't really know what living truly means. We think we know its appearance, but when we replicate it looks fake. Contrived. Overworked. Lacking. Dull.

I don't know how to live. Yet. But I wanna learn.

I wanna live. Really truly live. As easy as they do on TV. We've mastered so much in this world, yet we still don't know how to live.