Friday, January 9, 2009

Ballin' on a Budget

Unfortunate for us the economic climate in the US is pretty dismal. Folks are losing their jobs and homes throughout the nation. But I refuse to feel ANY anxiety during this downturn. Why? Worry and stress will absolutely add no relief to the situation. Instead I will focus on what I know of a certainty--God's peace. Never underestimate the power of peace. Beginning at peace with a situation goes far beyond a sense of calm and comfort. It is a sense of knowing. Having faith and knowledge that no matter what may rise against you, God has got it all in control. Now don't assume obtaining peace will be a simple task...think twice...most good things are never simple. It takes you to step out of the natural and trying rely on what can't be seen--your faith. I have faith that I will make it...and guess what? I have!

So I don't focus on the negative report, but I do try to make wise choices, thus ballin on a budget! Instead of our usual dine out of Friday night, we cook at home--nice meal depending on the taste of the day--and then grab a watch a movie at home or go midnight bowling! I am horrible at bowling, but that is the fun of it! Or how about getting together with your girls and each one of your bring your favorite homemade dish to share. Instead of spending five dollars plus on lunch--pack one! Life is made up of choices--let's make better ones!

Besides, life's not about the money you spend but the moment you share......

It only takes one to start a revolution, so start today!

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