Monday, January 5, 2009

You should let me love you....

I love the song by Mario, You Should Let Me Love You. Though the center of the song expresses his desire to untimely love that woman who needs to be rescued from her ill love choice, when I listen to at this moment--it's playing right now on my playlist--I hear so much more. When is the last time I really loved myself? Followed my own desired to be fulfilled? Looked to purge and seek self-healing? Maybe it's the new year. Maybe it's the stress from the job. Maybe it's just my own soul yearning to be heard throughout all the madness surrounding me. I say I am at peace at this moment in my life. Though I may not be in the best position in my life, I refuse to stress myself with should've, could've, would've--I can alter nothing with stress! But maybe I do need to tighten the reigns a bit and truly take care of me.

By no means am I considering being selfish--far from. Society tells us when we choose to focus inward we narrow our view of the big picture--not true. If I am just a mess myself who can I help?? Granted I will never be in a position of perfection, I can still choose to be my best. And as I move further into that process I can then move to help others.

My complexity has be wanting to be in multiple places at one time, which is an impossible feat. So I must choose to lay aside the weight of others and carry my own cross for the moment. It cannot be buried any longer; for I keep making treks back to it and over looking it. I must face it head on now, and love it in its totality for it is all of me.

So I gotta love me. Such a complex task, but thank God I have been equipped to handle it and I don't have to do it alone!

Welcome to 2009!

Remember it only takes one to start a revolution....

P.S. Yes 20 days are up! And he did not leave for California....that's a discussion for another post!

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