Saturday, December 22, 2012

From Fan to Follower

I love talking to B. We share this magnetic energy that defies location and time. A semi alternate universe where we commence with God in the middle and reality swirling around. 

We have the most amazing ideas that are birthed through two hour conversations. Intimate conversations. We share with no inhibitions. Words form and flow like cool water on a summer day. Sunny words, bright words, truthful words. Topics ranging from love lost to theology to community to politics to mothers to sisters and back again. 

And it is out of these conversations a follower was born.

One must at some point wave the white flag of surrender and let go. Release fear and excuse. And walk swiftly into that gentle place where desire and passion wait for each dreamer. 

Though Langston explored a dream deferred, I desire to explore a dream capitalized and awakened to reality showing the world the fruit of its labor.