Thursday, March 22, 2012

Head Wounds: How Bad are You Injured?

I love my church family. They are so much a part of my life and I am grateful to have people who truly care about my well-being, especially my pastor. He is definitely a unique man--humble, knowledgeable and super humorous! He's quick to crack a joke and encourage you with his peaceful demeanor at the same time. So much of him I have within me. He has been instrumental in making me the teacher and believer that I am today.

Many of things I blog about come something I have heard from him. This one is no different. I have stated before how everything begins in the mind especially our hardest and most difficult battles. But the problem becomes when we do have this battle in our mind and live in denial of its existence. Denial is a death road--a one way ticket to nowhere. Most of us are in denial about who we are and were we are. We are not near where we should be, but we prefer to not allow others to see that truth. We want to only display on the truth that is convenient to us at that moment. Sure we can fool some of the people some of the time, but definitely not all of the people all of the time. 

The challenges lies in the wound in our head. Because we can't see the wound, it's difficult for us to acknowledge it. We often have a problem with the unseen, but it's the unseen that posses the most potential danger. The danger in the seen is minimum...for if we see it, in our mind we can treat it and do something about it. But that unseen pain hurts the most...we may not be able to put our finger exactly on the spot but the pain reverberates through our entire being which lets us know we can't ignore the wounds in our head. An injury must be treated in other for it to heal.

Most times we deny ever being injured because we fear the back lash from the revelation. We point the finger to others--it's always you not me. We even get made when others try in loving ways to tell us that we are bleeding from the big ass gash on our head, but we just move on. Nahhh that ain't blood, just a little how silly do we sound. Those who love us and care about our well being we push to the ground and prefer others who help us cover up the wound with decorations and scarves. Help us dress it up and hide it while on the inside we rot. Rot and stink, but we still look over the smell.

We can only function in limited range when we are injured. It behooves us all to seek the help we know we need. An wound in your mind is an injury to the entire body. Don't believe the hype; the true way to a (hu)man's heart is through his/her mind. I steal the words of a good friend.... The truth reveals; to you who lie to yourself, you dwell in the darkness of your own soul. Ask the hard questions and find a way to live in and with the truth. It's a satisfying and fruitful journey. 

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