Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is like a carefully crafted painting, every stroke, every color, every shade has meaning. Forgiveness is a true art form. It is intricately formatted to be mutually important to the forgiver and the forgivee. Yet, it's true power of reconciliation is often never experienced simply because some never forgive.

Many have a terribly difficult time learning to let go. We hold on to situations and people for dear life even if those exact people and situations have the given potential to cost us our life. It's a complicated situation that really isn't that complicated at all. In actually it comes down to: do you want to live? Yes, the real question is, do you want to live? Immediately most of us would respond a yes in all caps, in bold, and underlined--but do we really want to live?

I'm not just talking about rhythmic pushes of air, I'm talking quality now. Gaining and maintaining quality requires removal of excessive waste. Whether the waste be material, time, human itself, it's all relative--waste is waste. Waste contaminates all clean present no matter if it is in the mist or lingering on the edge.  If your pet pees on your your rug and just so happen that your jacket was on the rug, you don't pick up jacket and head to the club. No first you mean mug the pet and then you toss the jacket in the wash and clean the rug. Notice you cleaned both.

Though that situation is minor, the same principle applies to our lives. We have no desire to walk around smelling pissy--yeah I just said that. That pissy smell inhibits the quality of life we can have. We gotta clean up our lives. We must always do some inward reflection. I have said this before and yet I must say it again--let it go. Compounded waster becomes compacted waste which is unnecessary extreme pain. I know many of us have been abused and mistreated in childhood or adult, but you are still here. Now the fact you have breath in your body means you have another chance to pursue quality.

Forgiveness is needed to clean the forgiver of excessive waste and bring him/her into closer relationship with self and creation. As the forgiver you are reconciled with self and life. Now the end possibilities of the universe are aligned to your favor. Though forgiveness does release the forgivee, it is intended more for the forgiver. The forgivee will ultimately receive the harvest of his/her actions--it's the law--you reap what you sow. So let the actions of the forgivee be the least of our thoughts. The focus should be on us. Our closet road to quality is through forgiveness. We cannot allow our past contaminate our present or future. We must let go; it's truly a matter of life and living.

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