Sunday, March 11, 2012

Faking the Funk

So my last post was my officially my 100th post; it only took me 3 years!! Lately I have hit a blog stride and with more people viewing my blog, an average of about 100 a week, I must maintain my momentum to give the peoples what they want!!! This might be an unpopular post...I aim to please. What good would I be if I only wrote what would make folks happy?? I must maintain some savor or I am good for nothing....

Recently I read an article about a seventeen year old young man who was killed by the captain of a neighborhood watch upon is return to his father's house from a local to store to buy some skittles for his little brother and something to drink for himself. Despite being told by the 9-11 dispatcher to not confront the young man, the captain of the neighborhood watch got out of his car and shot the young man--who was not armed. But's here's the kicker--the captain of the neighborhood watch has NOT been charged with the crime and is walking free. He got to return to his home while this young man 's family had to go to a funeral home to make arrangements for their beautiful young son. They're planning a funeral and he's probably enjoying a beer or two. 

The whole situation makes my heart hurt. The type of pain that travels to hurt all of your body. Then today I read a post on one of my fav blogs, where one of the contributors posted about the situation and made mention to the websation by Invisible Children in an effort to bring attention to Joesph Kony for international crimes. Instead of getting Kony recognized and arrested, the writer suggest that focus needs to be on Zimmerman for killing an unarmed young man. 

Still processing all this information, I'm thinking (it's a long thought, go ahead and exhale, I might be on this one for awhile) what's truly going on with us when we would rather try to heal the ills of other worlds and fail to right the wrongs right under our nose. Please don't misunderstand the message here. I am in agreement in helping those who need help no matter where they are, but I have an issue with a company who has taken their message to sensationalism to get action and then the money that organization receives, less than 40% goes to the actual cause. 

I take issue when we choose blinders instead of action. MLK stated injustice anywhere is an threat to justice everywhere in his letter from Birmingham Jail. He could not believe the criticism he was receiving from his religious contemporaries. They wanted him to stop his actions for what was right. It is up to us as citizens to hold those in authority responsible for the jobs they do. This situation is not the first, but we must make sure it is the last. Will it be difficult, absolutely, will we fail sometimes, of course, yet the level of difficulty or the risk of failure should in no way determine if or when we will act. There's always work to do and it requires us to take a step toward the required action in order to get it done.

Our children need us. It is not about us or never has been, they matter. They are the now. And quite frankly many of us don't like how the now looks, and guess who's at fault--we are. Yes we are. The now only does what we allow of it. I know we cannot cure all the world's ills, but we can be in the action of prevention. How? Voice and action. Don't just say something, do something. Give boundaries, set morals, be the example, encourage education, show appropriate behavior. The reality is our children will not get these necessary foundation behaviors from home, so we must plug the gap. Volunteer, support, know you can make a difference.

Stop fakin' the funk... stop telling yourself you are doing what's best when really you're nothing.....MC Breed and the DFC said it best...ain't no future in your frontin...


  1. I love that you have "...hit a blog stride..." I am really enjoying see that as a writer that you are really letting your voice be heard. Especially so thoughtful and thought-provoking. Glad I have a chance and the pleasure of reading them.
    -The Artist

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the blogging world my friend!! Glad I can share!