Sunday, February 19, 2012


In preparation for my New Jersey move, I am beginning to pack, boy what a task. I must downsize a-sap! It's ridiculous the abundance of shoes, clothes, and home decor that I have. For example, I have 14 yards of a pretty almond brown with gold specs fabric. It was my intent 6 years ago to have my cousin make be some curtains for my living room. But you guessed it, that never happened! So what in the world do I do with the fabric now?? But that's not the end--upstairs I found more fabric!! Now I look at the clothes I never wore, pictures I never hung, and shoes I never walked in and see nothing but dollars! Imagine if I would have saved all that money I spent....I'm seriously shaking my head now. But the saying goes, why cry now??? It's a bit to late to cry after the fact....I'm moving.

In all aspects of my life, I'm moving. At this point it doesn't matter who's going with me. I need no audience to make the choice or supporters to follow me; I just need to complete the action. I need to move because I need to move. If I stay any longer I run the risk of missing my meeting. Sounds strange? Not really, just think about it. If you stay in the same position long enough you can get everything that you aren't asking for. Honestly, stand in one spot you can experience sun, rain, snow, etc. all the weather conditions you please--if you stand in that one position for several years. Who would do that, right? Stand in one place for years just to experience the variety. The choice seems problematic and quite unwise, but we do it all the time. Stand in one spot and watch the motions slide right past us. Everything passes us right by. But, why stay?  Movement allows you to experience it all in a relatively short amount of time.

In life we tend to be too stationary. Most times fear roots us standing still in all aspects of our lives. The worst feeling in the world is wanting something yet being too afraid to go after it. Recent events have shown the world time waits for no man or woman. We must move forward in our journey. Forward progression requires movement--some planned others spontaneous, regardless, remove your feet and move forward.  Nothing comes to one who just dreams but sleep. Faith without works is dead. Something from nothing gets nothing. Go. Go kicking and screaming if you have to but just go. Follow that imagination you so creatively have. Create your life's desire in real life action. Go. Go. Go.

So here I am going. Moving as I pack and prepare to move. I'm giving away and donating then trashing the rest. I'm tackling the move with motion and for once, I am not out of breath, in fact I'm breathing much better now. My meeting date is drawing near and new adventures are waiting for me to move so I gotta go.

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