Monday, February 20, 2012

Loving Love

Recently I recalled a conversation that I had with one of my best sistagirlfriends and love. I don't know if it's our age--a ripe 32 years--or our genuine natural that truly let us to this topic. It was further on the fore front when I watched a news special in ATL about couples who have been married for over 50 years who lived in the same neighborhood. It was so beautiful it led me to tears. Yeah I'm a MAJOR sap. Undoubtedly, we all want to be loved and know its being returned, but are we truly ready for its eternal style to take over our being? Honestly, I love the ideal of love--what it stands for, its ability, and how it functions--but I don't know if I am ready for it.

I know there's no store bought barometer that can gauge my readiness level or any no true visible signs of ripeness like a banana (though I love a banana that is still under ripe with a little green on it). But love is not fruit or temperature; there has got to be some means to know your love has hit perfection and you are ready to share in its experience. Emotions can be tricky but really is love that complex? It is that shrouded it needs a surgical team to remove its garments? I don't know all, but I'm convinced majority of us don't know what love truly is. Yes I made a logical fallacy with my major generalization here--but if we did know what it was, maybe we won't mislabel it, abuse it, miss use it, discard it, and long so hard for it.

My humble (yes I am in awe of how many people read my blog) opinion places love at the top of every must have list. Why? Well in the best words I can use--it's love. So circular of me, right? I discuss love and then use it an explanatory manner to explain it. So let me attempt to show my love of love...
  1. One reason I love love is because it is eternal. Love in all forms is everlasting. I can't understand how we choose to limit something that is intended to be limitless in application. If you love me, I shouldn't have to question if your love will be present tomorrow or the next day. Even if I should leave all visible presence, you should still love me. This eternal love is evident in parental relationships but can't it be in romantic love too? Can I love him into infinity???
  2. Another reason I love love is because it truly conquerors all. Afraid? Confused? Lost? Run to love and it covers you.
  3. Love is simply beautiful. It has a natural ambiance that glows. A beckoning glow that begs your attention. love needs to make up to enhance its features or heighten its attractive qualities. The old couples I show on that news report looked eternally youthful as they shared their stories of love. Their excitement for each other even after all the years never faded.
  4. Love is truth. And you know how I feel about the can't truly live without it. They say truth hurts--well it does sting for a moment. If allowed, love will spread once truth is acquired and begin to heal wounds. But we just have to let it work. Don't give in or up so easily--it takes a true commitment.
  5. And yet another reason I love love is its cost. You can't buy it with any form of monetary funds. It comes with a price tag you must be willing to pay for it with the very breathe you breath. Every ounce of your being must be dedicated to knowing love's value and risk. Love is work that it labor intensive, not for the faint. It you are looking for cheap, fast, and easy---well that's not love.
  6. Love's a mutual benefactor. In love, both parties win. The fact that you can love is its gift to the giver. Sure we all want reciprocity, but pure love, true love, real love receives as it gives.
I know my mini list is well just that, mini. In no way to does capture all there's to know about love but it's a start. I'm convinced that what we thought was love all long wasn't really. Lust most likely, but not the distinctive qualities of love. I know that I have much to learn on the subject, yet I am willing to learn. I don't think love is hiding or choosing to elusive. I don't know all of its signs, but I can feel it's here. Like you can smell rain in the air, I know my time of love has truly come. I know my words sound idealistic and mystic, maybe even magical, but one must maintain a sense of hope in truth and in love. Love is no fairy tale. It's common and simplistic and most of all real. I'm in no rush to meet love in its raw form; I would much rather it take the lead in its course and I simply follow the journey.

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