Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Do

So I just touched down about 4 hours ago and I can't get certain songs out of my head. Like every radio I have experienced in the nation, Atlanta's stations play the same songs over and over again. Now Jeezy, Drake, Tyga, Wale, and Blue's momma are in my head. Their words are blending together to make this new song--some new remix I have solely created. One repeated phrase, I Do, plays constantly at random times. 

Of course, my magnificent mind reaches into formerly inaccessible areas and begins to think about those two words, I Do. People live to here these two words on one special day. Yep those words stop at that alter and linger for that one special day and forget to make a connection to its intended context and audience. 

Did you know the divorce rate in 2009 was 50%? So that means half of the people who married in 2009 divorced. I'm baffled. What's the point of committing to eternal love yet limit its length?  But this post has nothing to do with marriage or divorce explicitly but implied they do. These two words really got me thinking about what I say "I do" to.  Follow me for a minute....

I can honestly say that I am super shy. Have always been. I'm not the one who enters a crowded room and mingles with everyone, not to say I lack in the conversational skills, but I'm shy. Initiate a conversation with me and I can go without breathe, yet I am content to do things and be by myself. Yes I love the being with others, but I'm content shopping alone too. Why? Because one day I just decided to say I do to me. Yeah that inner voice that has always been present no matter how much I tried to deny it. I'd dress it up to hide it because its sound was off beat from others. 

Imagine if we all married ourselves, not like Dennis Rodman, but that could be rather amusing--but I'm speaking about deciding to commit to who you really are. Yet many of us would rather deny ourselves the luxury of meeting ourselves. I stated this before in previous post Dating the Real You, the real you is much better than the fake somebody else. Every time you assume the character of another you are branded as fake, because in reality there's only one---one Mike Jackson (as my handsome little cousin Allen affectionately calls him), one Whitney Houston, one James Brown, one Etta James, one Teddy P, one Heavy D, one Gerald Levert--no matter how many people may sound like these there's still just one.

When we deny ourselves the power to be the person we were created to be ultimately we lose. It sounds harsh to say, but ignoring important things can be harmful. Bring back in the divorce rate. Honesty would have stopped you way before a proposal would have been planned. Stop saying I do to the wrong things....sometimes you need to say I don't and I won't.


  1. I am utterly in love with your words. They caress the mind of the lonely and encourage the weak. I am utterly in love with your words. I long to say I do the the me that I am. I am utterly in love with the words that express the me in you and the you in all of us. I do, I do promise to be me cause I utterly love the meaning and the purpose of your words.

  2. just made my day! I love when others come into love...simply beautiful.