Monday, February 27, 2012

The Inward Battle:Silent Permission

It's no secret that I am a little bit different, rather strange, and certainly one of a kind. One of the hardest lessons I have learned was to love my uniqueness. I have always been the round peg who could not fit into the square hole. And my silence did no good to my own self labeled eccentricity. No I wasn't the outward flamboyant, but my extrordinary thoughts always remained private; thus my inward struggle.

It's not a unique battle to me. Most won't admit their inner struggle even to the most intimate of friends. It is a challenge we were conditioned to keep to self, which in turn is self destructive behavior. The taboo surrounding mental health has come a long way, yet much work is still needed in the area. The fact is we all have experienced a mental battle. This battle comes in several recognizable forms--low self esteem, abuse of any kind, living in a "broken" family, etc. It all starts in the mind--a word we heard, or words we didn't hear that we thought we should have heard--the effects of actions done or not even completed--it all is processed in the mind sowing seeds for a inward battle.

With no intentions to belittle any traumatic experiences, but it is not the battle that causes us the stress or imbalance, it's the capped bottle that shakes us. Keeping it all within is the problem. We will experience a multitude of things, but these things should be released not withheld. By withholding your story you are withholding your dreams, aspirations, present and most importantly your future. The moment you allow what others think, believe, and speak to control the quality, pitch, and volume of your voice you walk like the living dead. Though breath is flowing through your being, life is all but absent. Silence is deadly. . You can not afford to relinquish your voice under any circumstances. Break the silence. Let it all hang out! Now know that I am not suggesting anyone to go willy nilly and use your voice to impose negativity on yourself or others. Not at all. Your voice is meant to create and promote life not bondage, thus you must use it wisely.

Yes. Using your voice is one of the hardest battles to overcome, but know it is well worth the fight. Sure some don't agree with my voice, can't understand my voice or simply don't hear my voice, but it is mine. I have come into the understanding that my voice was to intended to give life to my every valuable thought the creator, God, placed within me. When I allow my voice to be under another's lock and key I am giving silent permission to every negative force in the universe to cause havoc in my life. By the mere power of my words I can produce the outcome I desire. I end by battle with I break the silence. To reaffirming my birth right, the freedom to pursue my happiness, I speak. Platinum coated words with  access to former restricted areas. I speak. With quality in small quantity. Unashamed of who might hear, I speak. 

Stand up, speak up. Don't ponder the ifs. Put a voice to your pain and watch it begin to turn to gain.

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