Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mirror Mirror......Look Who's Pouting About Potential....

Yep. I admit I pout. Not often. But I do. Just today I gave in to frustration and yelled out in a challenging conversation with my Prin-Ci-Pal (No worries--I still my job!) "That's a double standard. I am being asked to do twice the amount of work than everyone else. This is not fair." I was met with the reply, "Let's unpack that statement." I went on to tell how if someone else was given this specific task that I currently have, they would NOT be asked to do the detailed amount of work that I am being asked to produce. What's that about?

I bet someone is reading this thinking the same thing I was, yep. Not cool. But listen to this. "Not everyone is being prepared for your seat." Yeah. That hit me right in the face. Of course my bossy self replied, "I didn't ask you to groom me for that seat." Which was met by, "It's my job to pull it out of you what I see."

I then walked right out the door.


In my office I was HEATED. When my "ear" came through I couldn't wait to vent to him. Like the great listener he is, he let me get it all out and then gave me wait time before he came back to help me process it all. On that return trip he said, "Mac you experience a lot of pressure. But know this, you are going higher. And the higher you go the more you are going to experience in preparing you for where you need to be. It is all necessary. Pressure makes diamonds or it can break. Are you gone be that diamond? You have to decide."


My "ear" is always dropping jewels on me. Giving me what I need even when I ain't trying to receive it. His timing is always impeccable. I truly appreciate his presence in my life.

I sat there. I got it. Of course I knew my Prin-Ci-Pal was right--that's why I walked out!  And my "ear" just added to what I needed to hear. It's impossible for me to speak about potential and not be challenged on my own. I know where I am now is NOT my destination....just a mere stop on the journey. As I transcend on my path, the challenges are greater, yet I have everything within me already to meet success. I gotta go through the process. It is in the process...shaped...sharpen...molded....and it hurts....ain't always pretty...but it's necessary...

Yes that mirror was smack in my face today and I had to see myself. Look right at my potential. Fix my face, adjust my crown.

You know I completed the task, right....and got handed a new project.....

Here I pouting this time.....

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