Monday, January 2, 2017

Defining Time

Our clocks started ticking the moment we were born. It's like a giant hourglass flipped and the sand is running out. Borrowed time. Yet the concept of bounded time is a man-made catastrophe. Folks have created this bounded expectation on when in time things should occur. And unfortuantely we have fallen for it. It guides our choices and makes our decisions for us. Gotta have a degree by 22. A marriage with children by 30. And the list goes on and on of these bounded expectations that usually result in negative pressure. So much that if when we fail to reach these societal bounded norms, we believe we have failed. That something is wrong with us and the time we are given. Oh death to the lies!

You aren't bounded by the concept of time. Stop failing for how others have defined your time. No one can determine how your time should be used. It belongs to you and how it is used is solely your responsibility.

Yes it is a Truth that time stands still for no man. And there's no time like the present. These both simply mean you must use your time in intentional forward motion to reach your preordained victories. These victories are timeless, yet are dependent on your actions in order for them to manifested into your realities. Those great celebrations on your journey will come to you in the moment it is meant to be when you are in the space and capacity to maintain its beautiful fulfillment.

Those extra steps in your journey are meant to add character and value to your experience. The error in (wo)man is to compare one's journey to other's climb. It ain't worth the extra rocks on your road Love.  Choose to define your own time.