Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid.....

Trust. Trust that this moment will work out for my good. Trust the plan God has delicately and intricately laid before you....potholes, speed bumps, sharp curves and all. Trust that what is within me is sufficient for the journey before me.

I am at this space in my journey trying not to make the time extended. Yet I'm afraid. Of what. I have yet to be failed. Yet to be left without. Even in this moment my needs are being continuously met. Yet I'm afraid. I'm afraid I will fail in my journey. Not that He will fail me, but that I will fail Him. That I am not meeting this moment with the right fight. That my lack of trust in the moment will delay that which He intended for me to have. I gotta let go of this fear....

In my gut I know this moment what already known. Already seen. Which means I have been prepared for it. All of my journey has brought me to this moment because I am prepared for this moment. My spirit is fighting my fear and I must continue to feed my spirit those things that which will give it strength, courage, and wisdom to trust what has already been given to me.  Trust....I can trust my God is this moment because He provided a every space of the


  1. I'll practice this Faith walk with you

  2. God is fair and just. Some journey are so difficult because you've done wrongs to others. Do good and good things will come your way.