Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spoiler Alert.....

I had a post all primed in the hopper ready to go...yet this one came while driving. I'm really baffled. Like perplexed in thought. I am a firm believer at no point do we have the ability to change folks. Our voice and actions my lead to awareness and inspiration of change, yet we have no physical power to change folks. At no point will you be able to silence in agreement those who may disagree with you. Your truth is well, your truth. If you proclaim it to be so, it is so for you.   

If I choose to believe the opposite of your truth, then so be it. I get it, I get it. In our humanity we find it challenging to accept those who are not willing to stand in what we perceive and believe to be our truth. We must come to acceptance with in our truth that we need no one to valid its existence. Just be in it and take no offense to those who choose not to stand with you. Now this does not give you permission to attack said person for their unbelief; absolutely not. Neither should it anger you when one person decides to blast you for your truth. If and I truly mean if, it is your truth, stand in it. This challenge is the responsibility of carrying your truth. We are all given a battle. We must decide how we will fight. We are not fighting people, we are fighting ideologies that extent beyond our current measurements of time. The challenge should, in theory and practice--hence why challenges are created--affirm your fight in the battle, whichever battle you are divined to be part. 

At the end of it all, I hate to spoil it for you, ignorance is not bliss. Stop getting mad at folks who believe different than you. Stand firm, gain more knowledge and maintain. Maintain your firmness in the fight. Get over yourself. Your truth is greater than you. 

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