Monday, April 2, 2012

Ahhh Memories

In honor of April Fool's Day I thought I would lighten the load and share some of my more humorous moments. Yes I love laughter and do it quite often. Laughter is truly great medicine.   I love spending time with the fam and have those unexpected moments of laughter. It is these moments that I will miss so much when I move to Jersey, but I will always have these memories.

  • On a trip back home from visiting one of the besties the other bestie and I were making our way one. She pulls up to my aunt and uncle's house. I get and walk to the house and she follows about 2 mins later. I go in the house and leave the door open but the screen door closed. Maybe she was tired. Maybe she really didn't see the screen. Either way she walked right in the screen door!!! 
  • Kids say the darnest things, really they do. My aunt was rocking my little 2 year old cousin Kyra to sleep after some rowdy moments. My aunt says..."I don't know Monie," talking to her daughter Montoya ..."she said she and spells out tired." Kyra goes yeah I t.i.r.e.d" and spells out tired too!! 
  • Most days I am glad I live alone. This day especially. I decided this day I was gonna wear a dress to church. I'm a jeans and a nice shirt kinda of gal. I love my jeans. But it was a nice day, sunny, not to hot so a dress was in order. I put my cute light purple dress on and metallic wedges on and head down the steps, yeah that didn't work out too well. I don't know if I just tripped on my shoe or stepped on something. Whatever the case may be,  I tumbled down the stairs. It was like a stunt scene from the movies. I literally rolled down the stairs! Thank God for the front door. It was the only thing that stopped me from rolling further! Lesson of the day...put your heels on downstairs!
  • Speaking of falls. This one has nothing to do with the fam or me, but is equally funny. I had someone come and appraise my home. All was well until the lady was about to leave and tripped over her own shoes and fell down the two front steps. She fell out of her shoes...they were still on the steps and she was face down on the concrete. Her children happened to be waiting in the car. They jump out and run up to her. One looks at her and says, "Mom...what the heck did you do now???" I quickly got her some peroxide, tissue, antibiotic ointment and a band-aid. Don't worry I waited until I retold the story the next day to laugh!!
  • Maybe about a year before my brother passed away the whole family went bowling. Mom often planned these types of activities so we could spend quality time together. But you gotta know my mom. She is uncoordinated at times. She laced up her shoes, picks out a bowling ball and then heads to the lane. It's her turn. She walks up and throws the ball.....backwards....yeah it didn't make it down the lane. It landed behind also on somebody's table. Happened so fast we couldn't even yell watch out!
  • Somehow a bat got into my house. Have NO clue how but it did. So my brother is sleeping in my room and he wakes up and says he hears something flapping. I come upstairs and look around. I don't see anything. So I kick him my room and call him crazy. So he goes in the other bedroom and goes back to sleep. But before he goes to sleep he shuts the door and place towels at the bottom of the door with intentions of whatever was in my room was not coming in the spare room. Long story short it was in the room he was in!! I was knocking on the door and yelling Dee, it's a bat, it's a bat. Dude jumps out of his sleep runs down the stairs and out the door. I never laughed so hard. We all were afraid of this little bat. Had to call my uncle over who brought his neighbor with him to get the bat!
So those are just tiny slivers of my humorous times. In all things we must take a moment to laugh. Yes life has very serious moments, but we must take to the time laugh along the way. It makes the ride that much easier. 


  1. OMG thanks for sharing your world with us. My heart is indebted to you for sharing your joy, concern and inner wholeness.

  2. You are soooo very welcomed Anon--though my world his uber weird at times, I gotta tell somebody!!