Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Rules of Life

I know, I know. I been MIA for a minute...between packing and moving (moved in with moms until I leave in June) I didn't get much of anything done. And I have to do this only to do it again! But my NJ move won't be as strenuous. All I gotta move to NJ is a couple of suitcases of clothes. Buying all new when I get then and some stuff will be shipped to me. Anywho--let's get to the gettin--what you came here for!! This post was birthed out of a conversation with the bestie--yeah the one who ran into the closed screen door that she thought was opened!! (If you missed that one, read the last post--it's definitely worth it)

So many times we hoped & prayed a magic instruction booklet to guide us through our life journey. At 32 yrs. old I don't claim to know all the answers, but I do believe I have enough wisdom & experience to share. Though our situations may be packaged differently on the outside, many of us are dealing with the same issues at the core. So here are my top 50 rules, in no particular order, while navigating through this journey. 

  1. Seek truth at all cost. Even when it hurts the truth is necessary for growth & success.
  2. Be anxious for nothing for nothing quick is ever satisfying.
  3. Your parents were correct; two wrongs don't make a right. Fire plus fire equals more fire; you solve nothing when the two of you are burnt to a crisp.
  4.  Never stop dreaming of what could be even when you are working on making it a reality.
  5. Truly don't put off until tomorrow what you could be doing today.
  6. Don't confuse emotions with truth. Feelings lie.
  7. Take time during important decisions to make the right choice. If anyone is pressuring you to decide like they want you to, walk away. 
  8. Your light truly is not just for you alone. Someone is always watching your signal and following the path you have illuminated for them.
  9. Crack truly is WACK!
  10. What you like at 18 will change at 21. What you like at 21 will change at 25. 
  11. It's not how you fall; it's how you get back up.
  12. Humility is a low road but one well worth traveling.
  13. It is impossible to live this journey alone; everybody needs somebody. 
  14. Good friends refuse to lie to you just to spare your feelings.
  15. Reading is truly fundamental. Read a book as often as you can.
  16. That saying "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten" is a lie! If you learned it you would know it and do it--ain't buying the hype.
  17. Laughter is a necessity to great health; take it daily.
  18. Don't be afraid to cry when you deem it necessary.
  19. Just because it's justifiable doesn't mean it's always right.
  20. Every lose is really a gain. 
  21. NEVER stop growing. When one ceases to grow he dies.
  22. Death doesn't mean life ends.
  23. Always expect the great.
  24. You are worthy of every great thing large and small. 
  25. Never willing relinquish your power of choice to anyone.
  26. Live with no regrets.
  27. No. You don't need anyone to complete you. 
  28. You can't change people; only God can.
  29. Everybody has at least one good quality you can praise him/her for.
  30. My language is no indication of my intelligence--don't assume you know anything by the way one speaks.
  31. Money doesn't mean happiness but it does make some things in life much easier when you have a lot of it.
  32. Don't believe the hype; always find out for yourself. 
  33. The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste. Get educated--something no one can ever take from you.
  34. Quality conversation is something to be treasured.
  35. Don't put your relationship business on ANY social media network--Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Mobli, etc, 
  36. Shorts and/or dresses that are the same length of your underwear should be avoided at all cost. It ain't cute.
  37. Follow your gut. If something is telling you it's not right, it's not right.
  38. Know when to fight your battles. Some things are not worth the energy. Gracefully concede and be ready for the continuation of the war.
  39. Sometimes you can even baffle yourself...just give it a try. 
  40. Divorce fear; it has no place in your life. 
  41. Sometimes standing for what is right means standing alone. Don't fear one can put several to flight. 
  42. Be grateful for what you do have; somebody always has it worse.
  43. Dare to do something different.
  44. Give--time, talent, love, peace, a smile...doesn't always have to be money, but if you have that give it too.
  45.  Travel (outside of the US too) and have some fun!
  46. Complain less---don't nobody wanna hear it anyway.
  47. Being you ain't easy, but it's much more pleasing than trying to be somebody else.
  48. If your conversation leads to the problem shut up and be quiet.
  49. Changing you starts with changing the way you speak. Start training yourself to speak in the affirmative and watch your actions follow.
  50. Love is a action word. It requires you to do something. 
There it is! The list of all lists!!! Now go and make the world a better place! 


  1. #48 is my polite way of saying things! I wish wholeheartedly we would be less about problem and more about solution!!! We give the problem too much energy.