Friday, August 31, 2012

Between Here and There

Hello all! I know, I know. I have been M.I.A. for quite some time now. I wish it was as a result of  some intensive adventure that required me to perform a MacGyver move with a paperclip and a rubber band. For those of you post 80's babies, Google him! But so much has happened since we last communed. . .
  1. Moved out east
  2. Joined Teach For America
  3. Paid $12 numerous times to drive through the Holland Tunnel
  4. Sat in NYC traffic for almost 3 hours
  5. Gave one of the speeches at the TFA NYC Institute Closing Ceremony
  6. Started MP (the new school I'm teaching at) 
 And the list could go on and on with the good and the challenge mixed in. My goal is to share my world--specifically my summer journey, but as I sit here at midnight unable to sleep digress to more pressing matters. Summer is ending and I am loving living here. I don't miss home, though sometimes the comforts of home are greatly desired--I am using every moment to build my own home here in Jersey. I would love to stay here for some time. And am learning how to make the community my own.

But at this very moment at I am here and rather be there. Not home per se, but there. A place in my mind that seems to be defying existence. I want to be there. The aura of there longs for my mire presence. It's special, cozy in design, labored in creation; a space for me. Where my thoughts are regarded with value and graced with truth. My voice speaks with a soft spoken authoritative melody. Lulling the passer-by to yet hold tight to his dreams while reclaiming his value in life.

I see there. A place where the focus of the circle is I give out every part of me it is return with fervent passionate smiles, willing hearts, and open hands....

I never cease to steal a moment to myself to envision there. And each time it out grows its original becomes more elaborate in simplistic peace---I don't need the gigantic luxury. I just need room in there to move and grow as I please.

There is never disappointing and its always arrives at the right time....maybe I will encounter there sooner than what I expect. Maybe it will make a transition from a space in my mind to a place within my lifetime....but for now I will keep moving forward in here...  


  1. "There"...hmmm...I know what u mean...ur writings are so delicately said an heart u soooo much and miss reading ur blog...i need more kisses

  2. Enjoy your adventure. Grow and be happy. Love of there will be always be here.

    Please share your stories about your school and your journey. I have been waiting to hear about it, about you. Take care Rebel.

  3. I am glad to see you are enjoying your transition. I opened up one of my google reader apps and the first thing I did was to come to your blog to see if you posted anything new and much to my delight I was great by an engaging blog as usual. I agree witb the two commenters above and I too long for more of your "Holden Caulfield-like" stories of the world as you see it and as it embraces your artistic spirit. I love your writings.

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