Sunday, June 10, 2012

Race Matters

I am bound to upset some with my words within this post, but it is to be expected. I can not apologize for my perception of truth nor will remain silent. I fully understand that the court of man has no judgment on my final destination so I aim to please no one. I stand in agreement that we all have the right to disagree on certain matters.

So I say with full conviction in my voice, race matters.  Living in one of the greatest nation in the world, race matters. This is not a new conclusion in my heart; I have know this fact all my life. Someone somewhere everyday reminds me I am Black. This fact I can't escape or forget and frankly I desire not to. I love the skin I am in and the culture and connection that comes along with its identity. The shades of Black are truly beautiful in my eyes. I see who I am in a positive illuminating light of confidence and intelligence. I am in no way deny the beauty of my Black. What has been deemed a curse is a blessing I carry with pride.

So the question becomes why does race matter? That answer comes with several complexities which stem from a painful past entrenched in harsh divisions squarely based on race. No science. No first had experience. Just assumptions. The assumptions that the lighter your skin the better. 

Unfortunately these assumptions have not changed. 2012 has brought us new methods of blurring the disdain for those of a different shade, yet it is mainstream and acceptable. We just call it by different names--boundaries, funding, standardized tests, employment policies. Media has furthered the assumptions with  negative words only shown in darker skin tone. In turn the common man digests this mis-information as the norm. They connect destruction with race and call it culture, specifically culture of those of darker skin tones. And thus the cycle of corrupt thoughts continues. 

One wants to believe the cycle will end, yet it takes more than belief. It takes maturity and action. Maturity to recognize the issue does exist and action to make strides to make it happen less.  

Wake-up, we have NOT arrived into the dream...