Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unexpected Places

It is in the unexpected that we learn the most. Yesterday was a true testiment to that statement. I decided to treat my nephews Buddy and NeNe to a movie after we did some shopping (of course they bugged me to buy these little cheap expensive toys that broke the moment we got home). Not wanted them to fall asleep on me during a movie--they are little dudes--6 and 4 yrs old, I opted with MIB 3 versus 2 hr 20 min long Avengers movie though the wanted to see the Hulk and Ironman. Once at the theater popcorn and lemonade quickly got their mind off and the Avengers and we settled in to watch Will Smith do his thing.

Now I have to admit, I am def not a 100% Will Smith fan. Sure I know all the words to Summer Time, and the intro to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I may have even walked the first MIB right along with the rest of you, but as a grown woman he's not necessarily my cup of tea. But hey, I was with my boys so it didn't matter.

The movie had it's share of laughs, I mean real laugh out loud. But one line by a character named Griffin hit me center mass. Griffin is an alien who is able to see all possible futures. While trying to help the agents save the world he states, the bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie. I was stunned. Stunned. Who would expect such weighted words! But they stuck to me. Hit my heart quicker than a break-up. I quickly grabbed my cell and made a note of it and have been thinking of those worlds since. 

I have heard some of the sweetest lies that dripped honey from the liar's tongue and drizzle syrupy sticky down my ear. Made me smile from ear to ear it did. Forget all notions of truth. Bury all inhibitions of truth six feet down. Deny that urge in my gut with justification. Yes I knew it was a lie. We know a lie at the moment it is told yet we love a lie at the moment it is told. In the long run maybe not so much, but in the temporal, we believe the lie because we desperately want to see the hope survive. Hope to see the good we desire for all to come to past. 

But those sweet lies only bring an end to great lives. We must learn to accept the truth no matter how bitter the pill may be to swallow. The crazy thing about the truth is that it must prevail in order for greatness to exist. I won't spoil the movie, but had the agents not listened to Griffin and told the truth the future would have been drastically altered. 

Allow the truth to kill the lie so that you can live. 


  1. I was hit in the gut by the same quote, and wanted to jot it down right there in the theater. I googled it as soon as I came home and found your post. I plan to repeat this line every time I sense that someone is lying to me in the future. I think it says something to both the speaker and receiver of lies.

  2. Definitely something to think about Anon...really makes you appreciate those who live by truth.

  3. The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie - this stuck home for me when I saw MIB 3 today.
    I'm at the time in my life when I want to know what's REAL - not half truths, omissions, or evasions much less outright lies.
    When I know what's REAL I have my feet on stable ground. I might freak out for a moment, but then I'll be okay. When I know what's real my heart, mind, spirit & gut are working together in harmony & I can live well & make good decisions. (There's nothing crazier making than listening to the lies & letting yourself believe them, while in your gut & your internal wisdom you know they are not real at all.)
    from pb soul garden

  4. The worst lie is the one you tell yourself.

  5. I went to see MIB 3 last night and Griffin's line "The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie" really hit home with me. I've just broken up from my boyfriend of 13 years after he finally told me the truth - a truth I'd always known, but didn't want to believe.
    This is truly the toughest time for me now because my whole life is about to change. I'm moving out soon into a small apartment, away from the area I've lived in for over 10 years. My family will be heartbroken and all the friends we have will be speechless.
    But now I know the truth, I also know that breaking up is the best thing for both of us. It's just going to take time for the hurt to heal.

    1. I saw MIB3 yesterday and that same line stopped me dead. like this poster, I have just gone through a life change - divorce - but now I know that 1 day in the bitterest truth is far better than 15 years in the sweetest lie. it is the path to healin

  6. Rx, the greatest component about the truth is its healing abilities. Your step forward is the medicine for your healing. Just what the truth ordered!

  7. Mad props to Etan Cohen (writer of MIB 3) if he did indeed come up with this little gem