Thursday, August 13, 2009


According to the justice system, human life has no value. NFL quarterback Donte Stallworth received 30 days for killing a 59 year old pedestrian while driving drunk but Michael Vick served 18 months for running a dog fighting ring. I don't get it. Put all the monetary issues aside and really consider this situation, human vs animal. I understand some people value their pets but I'm quite sure it hurt me most to lose my brother than our puppy. In fact I forgot about losing the pup until about an hour ago, but I will never forget that brother was killed.

What a sad state. Human life has lost its value. This man killed a man. Not slightly injured. Mr. Mario Reyes will never be seen, touched, or heard again. Though the same can be said for those poor dogs but there are more dogs. In fact the animal shelter has to euthanize dogs everyday because there are no homes for them and little fuss is made.

Though I am the ultimate Falcon fan in no way am I justifying Vick's actions. Just pointing out the inconsistencies in life.....


  1. Tiff, give it up.

    This has been argued over and over and over and will continue to be argued.

    It is a shame and I agree, no one is making a fuss about it.

    I was watching the news this morning about Vick signing with the Eagles and people were outraged by it but no one is saying anything about the other players who've committed crimes, done their time (or lack thereof) and continued with their careers.

  2. I know, I know. Just one of those things that baffles the Hell outta me! What a great country we live in!!!

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