Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been a while since my post. I don't know why, but it seems I have run out things to say! Is that even possible? Again I dunno! But I have been working hard...grading papers and assigning more papers to well, grade! What an exhausting circle sometimes. I get so "busy" with school (that's what I call my job, school, because I learn just as well as the students do) I forget to do the things that I find personal satisfaction in. School even took up my weekend. The Vice/Versa Dance was on Saturday and I had to chaperon. Yep 3 1/2 hours of straight standing was sooo enjoyable! I couldn't help myself to bust a move. The kids love when I dance with them. Little do they know this chick has a hard time staying on beat. Really I do. LOL It's humorous, really it is! I love to move but dancing has never been my thing. But again I dance for the kids--Tiffany love the kids! My moves got me in the school's yearbook last year. The kicker--my girl supervises the yearbook and she let the kids this huge ass picture of me as the dominate photo on the page! Her rational--"The kids wanted to put it on the page! They just couldn't stop talking about you!"
Part of me doesn't believe her. Secretly I know she got some satisfaction with my mug plastered on the page for 1100 kids to see!

But it didn't hold me back this year--I got down--school appropriately.

My FWB wanted to take me to Chicago for the weekend, but I couldn't go because of the chaperon thing. I liked the jester but then again I don't know if that crosses the FWB line. So are the benefits worth it? I mean are FWBs overrated? Or is just me? I mean he's cool and all but he is definitely not someone I want to spend to the rest of my life with. I don't wanna work that hard. I mean we have sooo many differences, religion mainly, that neither of us are willing to compromise on. We respect each other but don't agree. Sometimes I don't even bring up things because I know we disagree and I don't wanna make it a "I gotta prove my point" issue. I choose my battles carefully. He bought me a Valentine's Day gift. I think he got more excitement out of giving me the gift than I did receiving it. It was cute and thoughtful I have to admit, but honestly it wasn't "me." Normally I would have that conversation, "Thanks, but..." but this time I just might let it ride out. He's crazy about sneakers so I bought him a pair of Nike's. Nothing expensive (I'm a DIVA always on a budget!) but there were hot--silver metallic and white--nice! See just that, I bought him something I know he would LOVE without a doubt..maybe it's a girl thing--pay attention to the small details. He says after the 4 months we have been, what's the right word, ummm "knowing" each other he knows me. But I don't really think he does. Again maybe knowing me doesn't too much matter because he is a FWB.....

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