Friday, December 5, 2008

She Got Her Own Thang...

I'm known in my circle of family and friends as Mz. Independent: single, no children, educated, homeowner, etc. I'm praised for what they characterize as going the extra mile to accomplish my goals. But is this a blessing or a curse?? I recently meet a guy, Trent, who told be a few days ago that is what he likes about me--that I am not waiting for someone to hand me success, I choose to go after success for myself. I was amazed. Sure I hear it from my friends and family but they are friends and family. To hear it from a man is completely different. I can remember the times when guys would not give me the time of day because they were intimidated by what I quote on quote "have." What am I supposed to wait around to find someone and hope they share their pie with me!! I want my own damn pie! Now don't get me wrong, everybody needs somebody. I am a firm believe we were made for companionship and relationship, but at the same time we are individuals. I want to be known for having my own passions that burn fire in my belly. And support you in what you love to do.

Though the concept is changing, we still have the image of Independence confused. Sure Independence is about being self-sufficient, yet self-aware to know when pride has been elevated too high. Yes I do want a brotha to share my world and I share his, but that doesn't mean I must sacrifice my individual goals and dreams. I say we can have it all!! I'm aware enough to know success means nothing when there is no one to share it with!

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