Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hurt Feelings

So this past week was a crazy one! One day I was on top, the next ready to quit quick!!! It's crazy how one moment the wind can be in your wings gliding you through the clear blue sky then you run smack dead into a tree and your caught. Can't move. Stuck. In life we expect these situations to arise...those who expect a clean and clear path don't expect to gain. I know the road, not matter which one it is, will never be easy. But I never expected the ones who are supposed to help me and encourage me on the road, are the ones who set the spikes for my flat! I was truly hurt this week. How do we move beyond hurt? True hurt that stings for more than a day or a week. How do we pick back up and get back on the road? It's been five days since the incident and I still feel the pain. And I had to work with the person today with an activity. I had to put on a happy face and go on despite my hurt feelings. And I did it. I took the low road of humility and stayed and worked through the 3 hour event. But I am still hurt! How do I move beyond??? Will I be able to get make the "me" again? Or do I have to evolve into this new being? I don't have all the answers. And I don't know if at this point I can willing to apply an answer to my problem.

It's amazing how our feelings can be the bane of our existence. Through these feelings we can love and create some amazing relationships yet, at the same time we can fall so hard that we don't get up again and never try to create again.

I am trying to move and do again. But when will I?

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