Friday, October 24, 2008

The Disease

Are you constantly inconsistent? Overwhelmed by the mounting " to do" list? Can't see past your cubicle walls? Sounds like my life at the moment! My dining room table has become the "catch-up" for all every pieces of mail delivered to my house. I have consistently refused to be a good "housekeeper" and thus the mountain before me seems too hard to climb! How did I get here? I openly ask myself this question and secretly repress the screaming answer on the inside! At some point I decided if I didn't deal with it, whatever that "it" may be, "it' will take care of itself. Now I need help from others in other to get out of this jam! What is a girl to do??? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this predicament! So I gotta get a game plan to get back on track! I think I have recognized my "Problem" now I need to get a solution to it. I need medicine to heal the disease! Please give me a prescription! Maybe I have the cure to my disease.......just maybe...

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