Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Work Is Not Done Yet!

Wow...I know, I know Obamania is still surging strong! But, in all seriousness can you blame'em? Change is always worth the hubbub! As a Black woman, I never imagined seeing a Black man as a president; not because it was never done, but in part because the fact that racism still exist. People it was only 40 years ago that the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. My mom is 49 yrs. old! I am four generations removed from slavery! Yes we have come a long way but the work is not done yet! We did nothing if we think getting Obama in office is were the work stopped! Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to see so many people voting, but why so late??? How can you be in your 30's and this is your first time voting? What a mockery to our grandparents for being lynched, burned, and beat for just trying to register to vote! People we have to get out and do something now! We have no excuse. Now it is really time for the real workers to get out and work! If we continue to let our neighborhoods go to hell, what was the purpose of being a part of making history? Change means change---doing something different. We must go beyond ourselves and help change the world!

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