Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Journey Begins as it Ends....

I'm a virgin! Yes I said it and I am proud of it! I'm a virgin to the blog! After much encouragement from a good friend, thanks Art Nerd, I am officially taking the plunge. I have decided to dedicate this blog to my rebel feelings stirring on the inside. I am not quite what the outside world views me to my innermost being I yearn for a revolution. Yes a right out war against the machine. What is the machine you ask? Whatever ill that this moment my desire is to revolt against the dream killer---the machine who told some young boy or girl there is not place for him or her in this wide world. That the gift and talent they were born with has no purpose and is worthless! Rebel--Lauryn Hill said it best "while today is still today choose well--" I choose to fight the machine. It only takes one to start a I start now. One can impact many and many millions! So my journey with the status qua ends and my revolution begins....I begin to dream again. Believe in the impossible and see the intangible. I dream so I can get others to see their own vision! Welcome to by blog!

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  1. I love you virgin entry into the world of blogging...Very poignant and engaging. I can't wait to read more