Monday, February 1, 2010

Limiting the limitless

I have so much that I wanna say but it seems to be stuck. Somewhere between yesterday and today. Like it didn't wanna rise from its seductive slumber, cozy under warm winter fleece blankets.

I have been looking for these words to randomly appear; after my morning routine--but still no words; between pinning my hair and applying my mascara--but still no words.

It's almost like they have left me. Retreated to their own comfort zone.

Oh where, oh where have my little words gone??


  1. I suffer from that as well. I have actually been in a middle of writing and have had my words just leave me...

  2. Maybe it's a true condition?? I know some say writer's block but it's not quite writer's block that I experience. Maybe when my words return I can think of some creative "catch phrase" to coin my condition!!