Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fight

It was a knock down, drag out. Seriously we were an inch from breaking up I could go on forever about the cause, but I won't bore over the details any longer. I don't even wanna give life to them. It was resolved, we both apologized--not just one of those blank Im sorry, but I'm sorry for _______. Which made me feel so much better. One thing I learned: when you say your done with it--no matter what it may be, be done. I told him I took his word on the issue, and it's a dead issue now. He really appreciated me for saying it. And I thought it was amazing that I was able to say it.

My own actions spoke volumes to me. It so showed my maturity and committment to the relationship. Our relationship is far from perfect, still some kinks in the system but we are working on it. And that's what matters the most--our effort.

Right now I'm feelin good about where we are and were we are going...


  1. I recently (this week) had it out with the guy I am seeing and thought very hard about moving on, yet and still we continue.

    It is about being committed and realizing that it is two people with different thoughts and backgrounds coming together as one and that takes W-O-R-K.

    It's easy to walk away.

    Glad things are working out.

  2. Sharon, I hear you on the WORK!!! I am so finding that out. He is says I have a smart ass mouth, and I agree. But I am working on how I say things. We are very different, but so alike at the core. I wanna know that if it does end, we both gave it all we had...