Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meant to be Mint

So I have always talked about my love for Mint Condition...the BEST band in the world, and yesterday Old Flame called me so I could listen to one of his fav songs and it just so happen to be Mint Condition's Nothing Left to Say on their most recent album, E-life, by the way is an independent release. He is into producing music and he loves the concept of the song. As he played it I mouthed the words, I know them all on this cd and the last one too, Livin' the Luxury Brown. Listening to the song I realized I really love the fact that we vib on a lot of things. Stealing a from my fav band, I believe we are meant to be.....


  1. I haven't heard Mint Condition's latest CD. I have to go have a listen. I still listen to their older music.
    Actually, I heard the song Whoa (I think that is the name) . . not sure the CD that was the last "new" song I listened to and I really liked it.

  2. You have got to listen to their latest CDs Livin the Luxury Brown & E-life. Whoa is on Livin....both are classic Mint Condition!

  3. Mint Condition is playing a free show in Cincinnati this Saturday in our park down by the river. I can't wait!!!