Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Stand the Rain?

Yeah I know the title of another song. But this time it's not Mint Condition. It's New Edition. BTW they was the bomb on the BET Awards! Even BBD put it down! Okay back to the I just got done talking to Old Flame and he was so excited that even though he was not in the best of moods talking to me managed to make him feel better. I smiled when he said this. To me what's the point of the conversation if it can't be personable, ya know?? I mean I don't think I told him anything special. I just reminded him that it will rain from time to time in our life; it's supposed to. But I'm in his corner and no matter what it is I'm hear to listen and support. He says that I'm the only woman who has never judged him and who really sees him for who he really is...I was so touched when he said those words.

That's what I'm here for, right? I mean the point of being in a relationship or building any relationship for that matter if you can't find solace and comfort in know that when it pours you have someone to hold the umbrella as you wonder to and fro? Honestly we all need somebody and I'm happy I could be that person for him. Today's conversation made he realize why I am falling in love with him. He is so transparent. He let's me see him as he is and he is not ashamed of the mistakes he has made because the are an instrumental part of the man he has become. I think that is such a rarity and I love it. It makes for real conversation and generally great communication. I don't mind getting wet with him on my side.......

On a perfect day I know that I can count on you.
When that's not possible, tell me, can you weather the storm?
Cause I need somebody who will stand by me.
Through the good times and bad times
she will always, always be right there.
Sunny days, everybody loves them, tell me baby can you stand the rain?
Storms will come, this we know for sure.
Can you stand the rain?
Love unconditional--I'm not asking this of you
And girl to make it last I'll do whatever need to be done.
But I need somebody who will stand by me.
When it's tough she won't run.
She will always be right there for me.
Sunny days everybody loves them
Tell me baby can you stand the rain? Can you stand it?
Storms will come, I know, I know all the days won't be perfect.
This we know for sure, But can you stand it?
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain?
Can you stand the rain? No pressure, no pressure from me baby.
Cause I want you, and I need you, and I love you girl.
Tell me baby can you stand the rain?
Will you be there for me?
Come on baby let's go get wet.


  1. Damn! I never knew the words to that song were so good. That's good song writing...

    Also, it's true. We all need someone who can stand the rain. There are a lot of fair-weather people in general. No slight, even you can't be a stormy weather friend for everyone.

    One thing to consider though. Sometimes in bad weather, people find certain people to cling to. When the weather changes, they drop those certain people. I'm not saying this is your circumstance at all. It just brought that thought to my mind...

  2. Too bad you don't live up here. Mint Condition is doing three shows in the near future.

  3. @ Shawn: I missed the MC concert in st. louis, which is about 2 1/2 hrs from me. I was so sad, but I will see them again. The first time I saw them I feel in love!