Monday, January 7, 2013

A Resolve or Determination (Resolution)

It is upon us! You know...that time of year when you place all bets on win. Cast the year's shrug and all doubts to the wind. Dig your sneakers out of the closet and plop that swipe on the gym rep's desk; I'll take the year's deal which I will come out of the gate in full blast until it's time to round the corner when I will full on STOP.

Com'on we all do it! Make those statements we don't live up to, though we have full intentions to do so. Lauryn said it best...the road to Hell is paved with good intentions...


Yeah it is. Made myself pause on that one. I've had good intentions create some hell in my life! Definitely not shamed to admit fault. Bad choices.

MEGA ASIDE: It's odd how I can't keep a promise to myself, yet I will go beyond to keep a bond to others...ummm. Do I value others more than self? 

I'm not quite sure how to answer that question....

But I do know now is the time to reflect upon its presence and other choices in my life. Reflection and resolve.

Resolve to end any backwards motion from years past. Forward motion only. Reflect. Ponder. Laugh. Even cry if necessary. Tears flush out deep pain. We all should do it. Silent tears. Tears of joy. Even angry tears. 

So I enter into 2013 grateful. Grateful for mere breathe. Lord knows I've lost the halo long long ago.  I don't make promises I don't plan to keep no matter how good my intends may be.

Not all resolutions end this way. Broken. Unkempt.

Somewhere they lost their determination to see the continued progression; true resolve has no endpoint. Growth just continues. You gain something along the way that you desire to hold on to and habit is shaping into lifestyle.

My lifestyle consists of consistent change. I heard a great man say, If you don't change you don't grow and if you don't grow you die. Reflect. Change. Determine to live.

So maybe before we dedicate wasted time and effort to half-hearted determination, maybe we should reflect on that last curve. Who or what halted progression?

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