Friday, October 2, 2009

The List

I thought it only befitting that I shared my list since I did talk about it yesterday. It's just a list. I am not saying I am committed to following through on anything on it at this point in my life. Although I have three tattoos I would love more. I just can't seem to justify the spending the extra cashola on a tat when it could go some place else with immediate benefits, like the house or even car. Both had projects that need to come started or finished. Anywhoo amuse my imagination:

1. Hebrew Bible verse--Deut, 6:5--And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. I want it in Hebrew which reads read to left--I'm in love with the concept.

2. Ye-yo--which means mother. Only one catch, I am not a mother!! So when I have one it will be the tat I will get.

3. A re-color and addition to current tat of hibiscus flowers.

4. CS--some initials on my wrist, I don't care to share!!! LOL

5. A small heart or peace sign, or four leaf clover, or star behind my ear. So when I pull my hair up, which I really never do, it can be admired.

6. My bros face--don't know where I want it but I want it. much love <3

7. My bros tat--silky black--yeah my mom HATES it but it was his first and I want it to be on me to remind me of him everyday--I sooo miss him and his craziness!

8. A star shower starting on my upper should and moving down. I have this fascination with stars! Love them!

9. A woman walking through fire--that's where I fill like I have been, but I not stuck in it, I'm walking through it!

So there it is. The List. I know, I know it's a lot! But again it's my imagination on the move!!!


  1. I want a Tattoo . .have changed my mind over what so many times I have none.
    Which is good because I would be hating what is long lasting unless I could come up with even more money to remove.

    What are the three you already have?
    I like the star shower.

    Not sure about initials . .but since I don't know the story I can't say don't do it :)

  2. LOL the initials I will never tell!!! On my right calf I have my brother's name (Taurus), on my left forearm I have a saying, "Never forget the struggle" on my right arm I have three hisbiscus flowers, orange, red and yellow (yellow needs to be recolored).

    I didnt start getting tats until I turn 25. I knew then that I could live with a life long choice. I dont regret any of them.

  3. Lady, you do whatever makes you happy, that's what really matters.