Thursday, May 7, 2009

Counting Down the Days

In ten days I will be driving to Minnesota to see Old Flame. I'm so excited about it and a little nervous too. The nerves come because I haven't seen in so long. Of course I've seen pictures and he looks the same, a little bit buffer, but the same. But to physically get to see me and in person be able to talk to him is going to feel soooo good. And of course maybe the other thing might happen!!!! I went out and bought him a gift; some Ed Hardy cologne. It smells soo manly! I knew it was the one, not only because I liked the smell but because it did something to me! I instantly felt exotic!

But I have soo many feelings and thoughts running through my mind right now, I can't even focus or make sense of it all. I just know that I am going to take my time and not rush into anything...


  1. Is he far from you? Not sure where you are.
    I have a lot of questions about the two of you.
    I won't ask. I'll just say hope all goes well.

  2. @TTUQ: He is quite a distance. I'm in IL he's in Minnesota. He grew up in IL, in fact I meet him in high school and we were on and off throughout my college years. We have been "rekindling" the fire for about a month and a questions, girl I go answers! Fire away!!!

  3. Be sure if you both can handle it. I've done some rekindling over the past year and none of them worked out.

    Make sure you are really ready for a long distance relationship if it comes to it.