Sunday, June 9, 2019

You Are The Answer

Funny story--I know a guy M, who is always fixing things. Like I mean it can be the muffler on his van, the alternator in his car, the hard drive on his desk top, the speaker in his television. I mean the man is ALWAYS fixing something. I call him Handy Manny and tell him next time I am gonna have to look for him fixing the pot holes on his Brooklyn street!!! As much as I laugh about what he is always fixing and creating and building and making, there is something that I admire about his tenacity. If he can do it, he does it. He will try to figure out almost anything. Yet he knows his limits. He will do what he can then call the professional to complete the work. He always says to me, I know what I can do but I am not afraid to get the help I need. And he's not. What I notice about him, (and another reason why I call him Handy Manny) he will not only ask for help but he will BE the help when needed.

What a testament, right. Can we say that? Can we be reflective and really say that we TRIED? Like we put in all our efforts to be the ANSWER to the call, the SOLUTION to the problem? Often we look for others when we truly are the key. We mumble and grumble. Huff and puff. Waiting for someone else to "get it right," "work it out," when the person we are truly waiting for is looking back at us in the mirror. I know I know I have said this before. You gotta deal with you first.

Hear me out, stop waiting for the answer when you ARE the answer. It all starts with you. No matter the issue you see, start with you first. MJ got it right when he said "I'm starting with the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his ways." No one has taken your sport and you haven't missed your moment. It just hasn't arrived because you haven't dealt with you. Everything you desire, want and need starts with you. Do your part to be the best you possible. And when you get it wrong, apologize, fix it and learn from it. Nobody's perfect. We all are traveling down this road called life with the sole goal of leaving this space and place greater than we found it. But it requires you to answer the call. Literally no one can do you better than you. No one can fit that space that was designed for you.

Stop giving up on you.

It's not too late.

The greatest bet you can make is on yourself.

Take the risk, believe you are worth the call. Answer it.

Someone needs to see what grit looks like. That comebacks really exist. That living is possible. That peace is attainable. That perfection doesn't exist. That in every situation there is always something to give. That you are enough. That happiness is real. That it ain't easy, but it's worth it.

Answer your call.